Commissioners of the ASB

Here at the ASB, we spilt our members into 12 commissions in order to successfully serve the school and it’s students. This allows us to allocate enough time and attention to all of the schools needs, ranging from athletics to promotional materials. Each commission is in charge of certain tasks that collectively create what is our Associated Student Body.


The ASB’s Cabinet is responsible for overseeing the activities of the ASB and the wider student body. It is made up of the Secretary, Senior Class President, ASB President, ASB Vice President, and Assistant to the AP. 


ART & Publicity

The Art commission creates the grand Crash Banners seen at assemblies and other posters/flyers to advertise spirit activities.



The Alumni commission coordinates events with Eastlake Alumni & Friends, and maintains alumni records and contacts. 



The Athletics commissions oversees athletic clearances, maintains athletic calendars and schedules and facilitates communication between the Athletics Department and the ASB.


The Elections Commission runs elections for Dance courts, class officers, and MCs the Nomination Convention for the following year’s ASB cabinet.


Event Photographer

The ASB’s Event Photographer is in charge of taking photos at all ASB-run events and distributing them to various student outlets.


Finance is in charge of organizing the funds of the student body. We sell Eastlake spirit gear and football and dance tickets!



The Marketing Commission creates and manages content that appears on the ASB’s Social Media profiles. 

Mercury Managers

The Mercury Managers maintain the windows every day, ensure popular snacks are stocked, and supervise student workers.



The Spirit Commission is responsible for all school spirit activities, including Assemblies, Spirit Weeks, and Lunch activities. Spirit also is in charge of Blue Crew! 


The Tech commission is responsible for recording student activities that are featured during assemblies and on the ASB’s socials. This commission is also responsible for running the assembly sound and livestream. 



Made up of Dustin Tran, Kayla Silva, and D’Angelo Silva, this team of students primarily work with Spirit to create fun and entertaining spirit week videos, along with any other videos the commissions request!